“USA”: The “Unsustainable State of America” project

Image associéeWith several colleagues and friends in Switzerland (Lausanne) and in the United States (California, New Mexico, and Kansas), I’m in the initial stages of launching a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, and multi-cultural research project — for which we eventually hope to get some funding — called “USA: The Unsustainable State of America.” The basic objective is to investigate both the roots of unsustainability in American culture and the new paths being traveled today by “alternative” individuals and communities in order to address this unsustainability and usher in a new “native” culture — a genuinely perma-circular culture for America.

With the “USA: The Unsustainable State of America” project, we aim

  • to explain the present through the lens of the past by understanding the United States’ current unsustainability — as well as the pressures towards unsustainability which the US economy has bequeathed to the rest of the world — as a result of a three-centuries-old, nature- and community-blind, extractive and growth-obsessed European American culture, and
  • to envision the future through the lens of the living present, as the lively heritage of Native American cultures becomes highly relevant to the problems of tomorrow, and as individuals and communities in the United States initiate and explore new sustainable thoughtways and lifeways – often inspired by this Native American heritage.

For more information, you can go to the project’s blog at www.unsustainablestateofamerica.wordpress.com

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